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yes! awesome show!

yes! awesome show!

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Fall TV preview (new shows)




Mind Games- I love Steve Zahn is hilarious, I have not been a big fan of Christian Slater since around 1990. It looks like a show about brothers who despite their differences work together to make “real life” miracles happen. I could see this being successful if it has a strong start but I won’t be watching it.




Trailer opens with the obvious references to LOST. Kid waking up, plane flying by and he is named Jacob. The kid is a resurrected version of a kid who drowned 30 years ago, his dad is Red Forman. This one is tough, my gut instinct says it will be terrible but I might give this show a chance. Seems like it would make a better movie…


Killer Women


There are a few shitty nods to Quentin Tarantino and big action films. The plot seems loose but Molly Parker is a badass Texas Ranger who lives by her own rules… This looks terrible, won’t watch and I doubt it does well.




This is ABC’s impression of Tuesday night Fox shows and a taste of Thursday night FX shows divided by a romantic comedy like “Valentine’s Day”.  It looks way too cornball for me but I could see some people liking it.


Trophy Wife


Trophy Wife is a retooled version of “Bad Teacher” and should be terrible but it stars Bradley Whitford and Malin Akerman so it can’t be all that bad. Also Natalie Morales from THE MIDDLEMAN is on this show so I’ll have to give it a shot. What will the crazy teacher do next sort of thing…




Nothing about this preview makes me think the show will be good. It’s about wealthy people cheating on each other. Of course there is more than meets the eye when the ladies husband will prosecute the other man… shows with plots like this usually have a short life.


Lucky 7


Seven co-workers go in and win the lotto but fame has its price. You’ll recognize a few of the actors from their previous failed shows. It is hard to tell how this show will play out but I assume it will be cancelled.


One Upon a Time in Wonderland


Looks like this are a spinoff show about Alice in Wonderland… why not include this in the regular show? The CGI looks like it is from public access. It looks even goofier than the regular Once. Despite it looking cornball as all hell I assume it will be somewhat of a hit. I assume they are gearing it towards teens? Maybe a show mother and daughter will watch together.


Super Fun Night


Rebel Wilson and her best friends are tired of the normal so they go out to have some fun. This is the biggest gamble of any of these shows. Could be funny, could have a few seasons… could have two episodes. Rebel’s “American” accent is… bad.


Back in the Game


A mom and her son move in with her father, baseball is somehow involved. The mom takes all the baseball rejects to make her own team. The premise is easy enough to work, nothing new here but I don’t think they bring anything to the table. I assume this one won’t do well it’s a TV version of “Little Giants” with baseball instead of football.


The Goldbergs


Set in the 1980’s with Jeff Garlin as the dad and Wedni McLendon-Covey (Reno 911 and Bridesmaids) as the wife. It deals with 80’s life and family problems. Patton Oswalt is the narrator and some of the story is told through home movies. This is for sure the most promising show on the ABC.


In short nothing looks to be as funny as Happy Endings or even the B in 23 so I think ABC might have some trouble coming their way.






Us and Them


Holy cow this cast is amazing. It is a remake of the hilarious UK show Gavin and Stacy. It stars Alexis Bledel, Jane Kaczmarek, Michael Ian Black, Kerri Kennedy and Jason Ritter. This actually looks amazing… could be a decent remake of a UK show.




Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi are the younger generation; Martin Mull (who I love) is one of the dads. There is a laugh track and it looks like a CBS comedy. Brenda Song from the Disney channel is very pretty… she is also in the show. I think this would be a huge hit on CBS but don’t know how it will jive with FOX viewers.


Sleepy Hollow


The true story of the headless horseman. The horseman and Ichabod Crane are in modern day. The horseman is a sign of the apocalypse. Orlando Jones and John Cho are also in this show. It looks pretty wild, most likely too wild for most people, has a touch of “National Treasure”. This one is too wild not to watch… I’ll at least give it a chance.




Greg Kinnear is a lawyer who is addicted to gambling. He has to take on a cannibal as client. Sam Rami is involved somehow… It looks terrible to me. Has a PG-13 version of Shameless feel set in a courtroom.


Almost Human


Set in 2048, future cops who have to use robot partners. It’s a buddy cop adventure that nobody wanted. I don’t see this doing well despite some of the Fringe people are involved with it. I could see this doing well on SyFy but not on FOX.




A comedic new show set at an Army boot camp. This looks so terrible. This might have made the cut in the 70’s or 80’s but I really don’t see this getting a whole season.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A new cop comedy with Andy Samburg, Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio and Andre Braugher. I bet we can expect some good cameos on this one. I could see this doing pretty well but they will have to find the viewers.


I hope Us & Them ends up being a huge hit.





The Michael J. Fox Show is about a news reporter who has Parkinson’s and puts his career on hold…. raises his family and goes back to work. MJF’s character goes by Michael Henry… odd name for the show. Looks pretty funny, it is hard for MJF to fail at anything but could be a little corny.




Jonathon Rhys Meyers is Dracula. The trailer is very theatrical and large. A producer from Downton Abbey is involved to get it class; Katie McGrath from Merlin is also on the show. It is hard to handle another vampire show but this one looks too interesting not to watch.



Sean Saves the World


This show looks so terrible, looks like a show CBS would cancel after two episodes. The only decent thing about the show is that Thomas Lennon has a part. I will not watch this.


The Blacklist


A James Spader FBI show… is that why he was on the office? He is one of the FBI’s most wanted and wants to work with an FBI specialist on her first day. The idea of the show is neat but I don’t think it has all the parts needed for success. I don’t really think much of Spader as a dramatic actor.


Welcome to the Family


I don’t see this doing well. Two families joined by a girl’s pregnancy.




A gritty NYPD drama. Based off the 1970’s Ironside. This detective is in a wheelchair so that is what makes it different. It looks like Luther (light) meets Law & Order. A little too corny to be good but interesting enough to get a shot.



I have not seen the CBS trailers yet but I hear there is show staring Anna Faris and French Stewart. Also one with Will Arnett and JB Smooth which is hopeful. Robin Williams even has a new CBS show where he is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dad.

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Slept half the day, took some PM cold medicine. How the hell is this going to play out? If my cold/allergies let up I’ll feel okay.

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i want

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